The Seabass that even Angels would eat…


fonda fish farm

Dr. Irena Fonda

Dr. Irena Fonda

Of course we are talking about Brancin- the Sea Bass from the Piran Bay in the Adriatic Sea.   Irena Fonda, a PhD in biology and fish breeding, is passionate about her work in bringing the sea bass back to life. Irena’s father, a deep-sea diver, noticed that the numbers of brancin  in this part of the Adriatic, were decreasing rapidly. In response, Irena and her colleagues, developed a sustainable fish farm. Her fish contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, and  low amounts of mercury, 15 times lower that in wild ocean bass.  But now to the important part- 9 out of 10 Italian chefs chose Fonda Brancin over wild brancin in taste tests. 

Here, the filet is served at Dvor Jezersek, the Culinary Center of Slovenia. We will visit Fonda Fish Farm on our food tour, Taste of Slovenia, aboard the solar powered craft, Inti, and  later have the opportunity to dine on this fine fish.

Fonda Sea Bass is harvested daily and delivered to restaurants, private homes and  fish mongers, packed in its distinctive container, and guaranteed fresh.

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About sponusic128

Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, has lectured on Slovenian Traditional Foods at the Weston A. Price conference, and for various groups across the country. Her paternal grandfather and grandmother were born in Slovenia, in the Lož Valley, near the Castle Sneznik. Based on her doctoral work on the health status of Slovene Americans, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Slovenia and later worked six years for the Minister of Health in Ljubljana. During that time, she traveled extensively throughout Slovenia. On the weekends, her family “lived local” at a country home in the village of Kozarišče, near the castle. She holds a B.S. in foods and nutrition, has completed dietetic studies, and a PhD in health education and wellness. Her research and teaching focus is traditional foods
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