The Food and Cooking of Slovenia

Janez Bogataj, PhD, foremost author and authority on Slovenian cooking and gastronomy, gave two talks on the subject at the SWUA- the Slovenian Women’s Union of America convention, held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June 2011.  He also arrived early to teach a class in making potica a walnut cake which is most well known among Slovene Americans.

Over 50 copies of his recent cookbook, The Food and Cooking of Slovenia, were sold to attendees and autographed by the author himself.  Recipes feature measurements in American and European units.

Editorial Review: This inspirational new book reveals the full potential of this little-known cuisine, a fascinating blend of European and Slavic tastes. Whether one chooses to start with the smoky flavored sweet-and-sour Bean and Sauerkraut Hotpot from the Primorska region close to the Adriatic sea, or the celebrated multi-layered Prekmurje Gibanica Pie from the north east, the selection of dishes gives a delightful insight into the varied and wholesome tastes of Slovenia.

The cookbook is available at Amazon starting at $11.95.

Dr. Bogataj is a consultant and guest presentor in the upcoming food tour to Slovenia, Taste of  Slovenia,  which will be offered for June 2012.


About sponusic128

Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, has lectured on Slovenian Traditional Foods at the Weston A. Price conference, and for various groups across the country. Her paternal grandfather and grandmother were born in Slovenia, in the Lož Valley, near the Castle Sneznik. Based on her doctoral work on the health status of Slovene Americans, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Slovenia and later worked six years for the Minister of Health in Ljubljana. During that time, she traveled extensively throughout Slovenia. On the weekends, her family “lived local” at a country home in the village of Kozarišče, near the castle. She holds a B.S. in foods and nutrition, has completed dietetic studies, and a PhD in health education and wellness. Her research and teaching focus is traditional foods
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