Dark Chocolate popular in Slovenia

Dark chocolate is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, according to Gorenjka, Slovenia’s most well-known chocolate producer.   Sales of dark chocolate which contain a minimum of 35% cocoa solids, are on the rise.  Gorenjka thinks that the increase is due to consumers’ awareness of the health benefits of dark chocolate for well being and health. There is also interest in artisanal hand- made chocolates evidenced by the increasing number of specialty chocolate shops in Slovenia.  Consumers also want to know country of origin, organic production, and principals of fair trade production.    While Slovenes consume about 4,000 tons of chocolate per year, Gorenjka spokesperson, Nina Kofer,  estimates the average consumption per person yearly at 5.3 pounds.  The biggest chocolate consumers in the world are the Swiss at 24.25 pounds per person, followed by the Germans, Belgians and Austrians.   —Prosveta June 29, 2011 (Slovenian Press Agency)http://www.ukom.gov.si/en/media_room/newsletter_slovenia_news/news/article/391/2608/7c4ad72c59/?tx_ttnews%5Bnewsletter%5D=106


About sponusic128

Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, has lectured on Slovenian Traditional Foods at the Weston A. Price conference, and for various groups across the country. Her paternal grandfather and grandmother were born in Slovenia, in the Lož Valley, near the Castle Sneznik. Based on her doctoral work on the health status of Slovene Americans, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Slovenia and later worked six years for the Minister of Health in Ljubljana. During that time, she traveled extensively throughout Slovenia. On the weekends, her family “lived local” at a country home in the village of Kozarišče, near the castle. She holds a B.S. in foods and nutrition, has completed dietetic studies, and a PhD in health education and wellness. Her research and teaching focus is traditional foods
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