Celebrate Traditional Food-Kranjska Klobasa Festival

Yes, the klobasa is back. Actually it never left–revered traditional food of Slovenes and other Slavs, and the favorite of Emperor Franz Josef, is now in the spotlight. August 17-20 www.festival-kranjske.si. in Sora pri Medvodah, not far from the capital of Ljubljana.  The concept of the festival was the co-creation of Janez Bogataj  (photo right), extreme foodie, author and food expert, who is now working on a monograph… about that very klobasa.

This happy chef is Luka of Dvor Jezersek in Brnik, Slovenia, showing his sausage savvy. Jezersek is the location the Taste Slovenia  Culinary Arts Centre of Slovenia.http://www.dvor-jezersek.si/ Klobasa finds its way to menus the world over.  But what we consider the real klobasa, is from Slovenia, where it is served with freshly grated horseradish, maybe some mustard, and a light red wine-Svíček– similar to beaujolais. The combination is toothsome,  and delicious.  You can also find the 8th Annual Slovenian Sausage Festival in Cleveland at Pristava, the Slovenian picnic grounds, on Wednesday, Sept. 14. with polka music non-stop 1:00-8:00. Sponsored by the National Polka Hall of Fame http://www.clevelandstyle.com/news.html.


About sponusic128

Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, has lectured on Slovenian Traditional Foods at the Weston A. Price conference, and for various groups across the country. Her paternal grandfather and grandmother were born in Slovenia, in the Lož Valley, near the Castle Sneznik. Based on her doctoral work on the health status of Slovene Americans, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Slovenia and later worked six years for the Minister of Health in Ljubljana. During that time, she traveled extensively throughout Slovenia. On the weekends, her family “lived local” at a country home in the village of Kozarišče, near the castle. She holds a B.S. in foods and nutrition, has completed dietetic studies, and a PhD in health education and wellness. Her research and teaching focus is traditional foods
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One Response to Celebrate Traditional Food-Kranjska Klobasa Festival

  1. Thank you very much for the tip, thanks to that you have a follower. In the neighbourhood so will try to make it to the Klobasa festival in Slo in August! Lep pozdrav!

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