The Food Scene in Slovenia: Another Slovenian cheese wins special status in the EU

Bovec is an Alpine town and ski area situated in the western Slovenian in the

Goriška region

near the border with Italy. In the mountain pastures above Bovec and in the surrounding areas, there are numerous sheep pastures. Bovec cheese (bovški sir) is produced from  the milk  of sheep indigenous to that region since the 14th century.

Various cheeses and other dairy products are an indispensable part of the local food.

Photo by Tomo Jeseničnik

Bovec cheese (bovški sir) is now the 14th  Slovenian food registered by the EU   protected with a geographical designation of origin. This  cheese today is made in specific areas in the region, on Mangartska Planina, in Loška Koritnica and Krnica It pure sheep’s cheese, with aromatic, full and even slightly tangy taste and smell.

The local traditional foods in the  Bovec area is based on dairy products like cottage cheese and aged cheeses, pork products, but also  includes corn polenta and potatoes. Another typical dish is pickled turnips, kisla repa, with smoked pork ribs and budlji.  Kisla repa are made in the same way as sauerkraut, and with fermentation, take on a sweet and nutty flavor, an excellent accompaniment to robust and filling pork dishes

Čompe s skuto – Potatoes with cottage cheese. Čompe is the local dialect for potatoes in the area They are served with cottage cheese.

Poštóklja –  a vegetable and potato puree-type dish with gravy.

Friko is  a pancake  with grated cheese fried in fat, with various combinations of potato, eggs, bacon, salami, cottage cheese or sausage.

Bovški krafi pies – an original local Bovec speciality. This is a type of  dessert typically eaten on Christmas Eve before going to midnight mass.  (Janez Bogataj, Taste Slovenia, Ljubljana 2007).

Honoring this local dish, compe (prounounced *chompee*), is  Čomparska noč  »potato night,«  an annual folklore event  which takes place in Bovec in mid-August.

Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik.


About Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, LDN, CNS

Licensed and board-certfied nutritionist, writer and researcher. BS in Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition Education;, MS in Health Administration; PhD in Public Health Education; completed the dietetic program at Penn State, University and the CNS Certified Nutrition Specialist program. Fulbrighter to Slovenia in Public Health. Speaker at Weston A. Price Foundation Conference and International Raw Milk Symposiums. Member of the American College of Nutrition. Creator and tour leader for "Taste of Slovenia, a Real Food Tour."
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2 Responses to The Food Scene in Slovenia: Another Slovenian cheese wins special status in the EU

  1. “Budlji” are a type of dumpling made of flour, salt, pork cracklings or dried cured bacon, hot water, salt, pepper cooked in boiling water for about ten minutes. The dough is made by melting the crackings or bacon, adding this to the flour, pouring in hot water and stirring until a dough is formed. The use of pork and or bacon enhances the flavor and is a good company for sauerkraut, and sausages. From “Traditional Slovenian Cooking,” by Slavko Adamlje, 1997, page 130.

  2. ArturZ says:

    Absolutely lovely country, the Pearl among Slavic countries and in addition highly developed country. Thank you so much for these informations abt Slovenian foods. 🙂

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