Exciting News for Beekeepers and Honey Lovers

Sunny Bees– Honey Bees

Bee on Sunflower

Bee on Sunflower

Are you dreaming of a vacation where you can indulge your passions, yet, at the same time, learn more to benefit your work/interests/history/nutrition of all that is about bees? What about a new perspective for raising healthy bees, bee houses, biodynamic beekeeping, and added value for your honey products?  In addition to all that, enjoy fresh, traditional and local food in the midst of incredible natural surroundings for 8 days and 7 nights.

Taste of Slovenia, our premier food tour in the country that produced the Carnolian Bee, apis mellifera carnica, is a food tour you will not soon forget. While you enjoy sumptuous home-made foods and drinks, you will feel at home among like-minded people with a long tradition of beekeeping. Slovenia is the home of the ‘panjska koncnica,’  Anton Jansa, the Father of Modern Beekeeping, and the Beekeeping Center of Slovenia.

Our tour includes these ‘bee-utiful’ experiences:   1)Beekeepers Museum in Radolvjica.  This historical Museum of Beekeeping in Slovenia was opened in 1959. It gives the history of beekeeping in Slovenia and Europe with many exhibits, including original bee hive panels.  Painted Beehive Panels “Panjska končnica” ;

2) Beekeeping Education Center of Gorenjska in Lesce, near Lake Bled, opened in June 2012. There we will have a tasting (‘degustacija’) of the local honeys, a guided tour, shop, and educational exhibits.

Bee Panel design from 1862

Bee Panel design from 1862

3) Presentation by Janko Bozic, PhD, Professor of Apiary Science at the University of Ljubljana.

4) Visits to local beekeepers.  Near Bled: Beekeeping Blaž Ambrožič, Kingdom of Honey. This is a great website which combines traditional with contemporary. 

Near Ljubljana: Polhov Gradec, Cebelarstvo Boznar , an organic producer who sells health products made from honey such as immunomel. He sells the  different kinds of honey produced in Slovenia: fir, acacia, forest, chestnut, linden (my favorite) and some honey specialties, such as honey with pear brandy (‘viljamovko,’ a special brandy made in Slovenia by monks- the one with the pear in the bottle).

5)  Consultation with local honey experts upon request.

Honey Cakes

Honey Cakes

On the way back from the Museum in Radovljica we will stop at the Honey Cake Museum

Honey Cakes

Honey Cakes

museum located at the Inn, “Lektar,” a 500 year old house in the village of  the medieval city of Radovljica   The honey cakes are a traditional gifts in the shape of a heart,  which can be purchased iced with a special name, and a mirror. The cakes with mirrors were given by sweethearts to one another.  We will be able to purchase these small cakes.

We wish to mention our good friend, the biodynamic beekeeper, Anton Fabjan, who

Anton's Beehouse

Anton’s Beehouse

arranged his hives according to feng shui and was the producer of Endovital products made with honey. Anton unexpectedly passed away in October of 2012. We will miss him.

Bee Vocabulary: Bees in English and in Slovenian 

Bee                           čebela  (chebayla)

Beekeeper              čebelar (chebelar)

Honey                      med (met)

Honey wine-            medica  (medeetsa)

Bee hive                   panj  (pun)

Beehive panel          panjska koncnica

We also salute the film, “Queen of the Sun.”  ”The winner of 10 international film festival awards in 2011, this spellbinding film explores the long-term causes that have led to one of our most urgent global food crises, illuminating the deep link between humans and bees.  Inspiring and entertaining, QUEEN OF THE SUN uncovers the problems and solutions in renewing a culture in balance with nature through the eyes of biodynamic beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, scientists and philosophers. QUEEN OF THE SUN features world renowned biodynamic beekeeper Gunther Hauk, New York Times bestselling-author

Film "Queen of the Sun"

Film “Queen of the Sun”

Michael Pollan, Indian Activist Vandana Shiva, and a compelling cast of characters from around the world.”  At  www.queenofthesun.com watch trailers for the film. You can host a showing of this film in your community.

To read more pleasant things about honey please find “Taste of Europe. Slovenia. Honey.”



About Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, LDN, CNS

Licensed and board-certfied nutritionist, writer and researcher. BS in Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition Education;, MS in Health Administration; PhD in Public Health Education; completed the dietetic program at Penn State, University and the CNS Certified Nutrition Specialist program. Fulbrighter to Slovenia in Public Health. Speaker at Weston A. Price Foundation Conference and International Raw Milk Symposiums. Member of the American College of Nutrition. Creator and tour leader for "Taste of Slovenia, a Real Food Tour."
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  1. jerry shimek says:

    sure would like to see the inside of the beehouse. am considering a similar construction as to be safe from bears. thank you. beautiful site

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