Mineral water and health – Radenska and Donat mineral water in the US

Three hearts

Three hearts

Several members in the Taste of Slovenia tour group visiting Slovenia in May 2013, remarked how well they felt in Slovenia, and that their joints did not bother them, despite the amount of walking and activity. But there was also a lot of relaxing, I must add! In addition to the great food, amazing nature, friendly people and camaraderie among the group participants, an added component maybe part of the answer to that great wellness feeling. Radenska Mineral Water Slovenians have traditionally enjoyed mineral waters from several different sources in the country and continue to do so.  The main mineral water which is served virtually everywhere  in Slovenia is Radenska or “three hearts” as the locals call it, because of the three hearts on the label.  There are many other thermal mineral waters in the country and spas where that typical water originates. Slovenia has health spas, mostly in the Eastern part of the country and the bordering areas with Hungary and Croatia. Mineral waters contain a variety of minerals, depending on the source. And Slovenia has at least 15 natural water geothermal spas in the country. Slovenian Spas and Health Resorts can be found here. http://issuu.com/slovenia/docs/sto_-_katalog_zdravilisca_ang_-_mali

donat mineral water

donat mineral water

Donat contains 1000 mg of magnesium per liter, probably the only mineral water in the world containing such a high amount of magnesium. This mineral , by the way, plays an important role in over 300 reactions in the body and American are severely deficient because of the lack of it in the SAD–standard American diet.

You can buy Radenska at most Wegman’s stores, online, and through Amazon by the bottle HERE:   http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000LRFXQS/?tag=tastofslov-20 or the case,  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B0442G8/?tag=tastofslov-20

I have ordered Donat also from Amazon. http://www.amazon.com /dp/B000LRFXSQ/?tag=tastofslov-20  here….. Drink it when it is chilled.   But a drink everyday for health. Nadravje!! More information on minerals in waters and magnesium deficiency can be found here: Minimum Magnesium Standard for Drinking and Bottled Water Would Save 150,000 Lives Annually   at http://www.tldp.com/issue/190/Bottled%20Water.htm


About Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, LDN, CNS

Licensed and board-certfied nutritionist, writer and researcher. BS in Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition Education;, MS in Health Administration; PhD in Public Health Education; completed the dietetic program at Penn State, University and the CNS Certified Nutrition Specialist program. Fulbrighter to Slovenia in Public Health. Speaker at Weston A. Price Foundation Conference and International Raw Milk Symposiums. Member of the American College of Nutrition. Creator and tour leader for "Taste of Slovenia, a Real Food Tour."
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One Response to Mineral water and health – Radenska and Donat mineral water in the US

  1. Barbara HV says:

    Hello, I know Donat and I drink it every day. It is very good for your health.
    I highly recommend it!

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