Automatic Raw Milk Machine- Mlekomat opens at Slovenian Target

Vsak dan sveze mleko– Fresh milk every day

Kim Hartke on Taste of Slovenia Tour 2013

Kim Hartke on Taste of Slovenia Tour 2013

*The Original Story appeared on  by Kim Hartke with Headline: Supercenter Store Welcomes Raw Milk with Huge Fanfare.
Fresh Milk- a Traditional Food

Fresh Milk- a Traditional Food. Courtesy of Potokar Farms FaceBook

Can you imagine driving up to your favorite Target store, parking the car, shopping, and on the way out of the store, stopping for a quick quart of your favorite raw milk in a glass or plastic bottle? The success of the Mlekomats in Slovenia thus far have paved the way for just that.   Slovenian consumers can quickly and easily scoop up a quart on their way home, something totally unheard of in the US, where even possession of raw milk can be a crime in some states.

Ksenija & Ines enjoying some milk from the LeClerk Mlekomat

Ksenija & Ines enjoying some milk from the LeClerk Mlekomat. Photograph by Stanko Klemencic

Customers are enjoying more and more raw milk as Mlekomats are spreading further and further throughout Slovenia. Just recently a mlekomat opened at the busy hipermarket E. Leclerc, a French chain store, which is located in a large shopping mall in Rudnik, a suburb of Ljubljana, the capital city. Leclerc has the selection of a Walmart, but more upscale- rather like a Target with groceries- thus the name “hipermarket.”

Buttonbox band opens Mlekomat

Buttonbox band opens Mlekomat Courtesy of FaceBook Sveze Mleko-Kmetija Potokar

The opening of the Mlekomat was a special event, with live entertainment by a childrens’ buttonbox orchestra, and coverage by the radio station, Zeleni val  -Green wave.  Many customers shopping at the mall tried the milk machine.

See the coverage on the photo album from the  Potokar FaceBook at the following site:  Opening of the Mlekomat at LaClerc. On this page click: “album: otvoritev mlekomata” (opening of the Mlekomat) for more photos. For fun, join the Facebook Group “Sveze mleko-kmetija Potokar.”  Fresh Milk from Potokar Farms here:

To Your Health ! Courtesy Potockar Farms FaceBook

To Your Health ! Courtesy Potockar Farms FaceBook 

At the Mall, the Mlekomat is located directly outside the main entrance to the LeClerc store. At this location   customers have easy accessibility and unlimited free parking.  The farms which own and operate the machines in Slovenia, Kmetija Mis and Kmetija Potokar,  are placing more and more machines in areas where customers live and have easy access. (kmetija=farm  [kmeteeja])

Soon we anticipate drive-up mlekomats from these enterprising raw milk producers! Back to the US…we can only imagine how the US Raw Milk Police would deal with mlekomat machines on US soil ! Note: I contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture who told me essentially that these machines would not be allowed because they dispense “a hazardous substance.”  Yet machines dispensing chocolate drinks, sodas, and fake fruit juices are operating in schools and workplaces freely.

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About Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, LDN, CNS

Licensed and board-certfied nutritionist, writer and researcher. BS in Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition Education;, MS in Health Administration; PhD in Public Health Education; completed the dietetic program at Penn State, University and the CNS Certified Nutrition Specialist program. Fulbrighter to Slovenia in Public Health. Speaker at Weston A. Price Foundation Conference and International Raw Milk Symposiums. Member of the American College of Nutrition. Creator and tour leader for "Taste of Slovenia, a Real Food Tour."
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