Sylvia on Piran Bay

Sylvia on Piran Bay

Please contact us with any questions:

Sylvia at or

We can talk by phone or Skype. Please email to set a time.

My Sype Name is Sy Onusic.

1 Response to Contacts

  1. Dorian Falk says:

    Dear Dr. Onusic,
    Hello. I am a food and nutrition major at the University of Alabama; I am interested in joining the tour for this year. I am planning on visiting family in London, Munich and Lucerne in early June. Regardless of whether I can participate in the tour, I would like to inquire about any possible opportunities for individual internship hours (either onsite or via distance) I could conduct under your supervision. I am scheduled to graduate in December, and my degree plan requires that I accrue 160 hours of directed individual study under one or more preceptors. I have found the research you have conducted and published with WAPF informative and inspiring. My ultimate goal as a future dietitian is to address mental health issues with nutritional therapy.

    Dorian Falk
    (205) 821-8159

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