How to pay for the tour

Please reserve your place by March 30, 2014 with a $500.00 deposit.  The remainder is due by May 15, 2014.

Please make out your check to ‘University Research Associates’ and send payments to: 1602 Kent Street, Portage, PA 15946

PayPal is at   A 3% service charge will be required if you use PayPal.   For foreign currencies, please email Sylvia before using PayPal.

There will be no refunds after May 15, 2014. Please read, sign and return the waiver which is linked below.  All details regarding paying for the trip including  passport, luggage, non-smoking policy, and insurance are covered.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Please contact Sylvia Onusic, PhD, CNS, LDN  at:  or before paying with PayPal.

Travel Insurance:  I highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance which is inexpensive and may cover loss of bags and other items. 

A $500 deposit is required by March 30, 2014 to hold your reservation. Checks and money orders should be made out to “University Research Associates” and mailed to 1602 Kent St., Portage PA 15946.   The remainder of the fee must be paid six weeks before departure.  Paypal payments must include a 4% fee for processing. The paypal address is Credit cards can not be accepted.

A signed waiver, Terms, conditions, waiver 1  must accompany the deposit or be submitted separately before the guest can be registered.  The waiver can be downloaded at the link here (Terms, conditions, waiver 1) or  be obtained by emailing Sylvia Onusic at or

HVALA LEPA and Thank  You for your interest. Radenska_three hearts


3 Responses to How to pay for the tour

  1. Marcia Pasternak says:

    Your trip looks delightful! I just received this forward. Can you provide more information concerning cost, air arrangements….etc. Are you a travel agent? I have 2 college kids desiring to go to europe from May 23 to June 5th. Any suggestions or ideas. I would like to see them go on a tour. They would too but are contemplating just exploring. They are considering flying into Zurich and flying home from Rome.

    My mother just lost my Dad this past Jan. and has decided she wants to travel. She is struggling to find a companion. Would your trips be conducive to traveling alone or should she try harder to find another to accompany her? Looking forward to your reply! Marcia

    • sponusic128 says:

      Hi Marcia, You can find all the information under “Paying for the Trip” the land cost is $2400 plus $300 single
      supplement if you would like your own room. You would make your own air arrangements but we recommend an agency
      Nittany Travel if you want to go that route- under “Getting to Slovenia.” For your college kids there are many youth
      hostels in Europe and many young people travelling. If they take the train to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, they can hang
      out and meet other young people. It is a university town and many outdoor cafes about. English is spoken by all. Slovenes are
      open and friendly. I am sure they would have a great time. My son, Evon, went last year and didnt want to come home.

      As for you mom, how is her health? We are going to be walking and doing stairs. This trip is very conducive to travel alone as
      all participants love food and wine- what a better way to form friendships. She can come alone – she will be in warm company.
      Email me if you have further questions or want to speak more about the trip-

    • Hi Marcia,

      Our tour was a huge success this year and the itinerary was delightful so I am planning a tour for next May. I am not a travel agent but a Slovene American who loves good food and all that Slovenia has to offer. We are a friendly group and would welcome you Mom as long as she is in good health and fit enough to do some gentle hiking. Our group this year was composed of several couples and several singles – including one college student. All became good friends during the tour. I do have many suggestions on travel arrangements on my blog but you can always email me at for specific information. I will send you an email beginning of next year regarding information for our May 2014

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