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Ljubljana Celebrates 2000-year anniversary as Roman “Emona”

Ave Emona ! Guests on the Taste of Slovenia tour this May-June 2014 will be present for a once-in-a -lifetime event: a Celebration of Two Thousand Year of Emona- the Roman name for Ljubljana. The Romans considered the present Capitol … Continue reading

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Piranske Soline at Taste of Slovenia Real Food Tour

On our Taste of Slovenia Real Food Tour this past May, 2013, our group visited the Saltpans on the Piran Bay. Salt is still being harvested here and many shops dot the countryside selling versions of the salt, including the “fleur … Continue reading

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Tourists Visit Slovenia Mainly for Natural Beauty

Why They Visit Slovenia   The Slovenian Press Agency (STA) recently covered a story about the results of a survey published by the Slovenian Statistics Office in March 2013.   The topic: why  foreign tourists come to Slovenia, where they … Continue reading

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Rick Steves in Slovenia, Season Six

Enjoy the “Best of Slovenia” with Rick Steves The Legendary European Tour Show Host, Rick Steves, visited Slovenia during his Season Six, Episode 4 to produce the “Best of Slovenia.”  (under the screen click on the episode to play-may take a … Continue reading

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