What to Bring

Money In Slovenia the currency is the euro.  US dollars in cash can be easily changed at banks so no problem there.  Travelers checks are difficult to cash and fees are charged.  You can use your ATM card or credit card easily in Slovenia in the many cash machines.  Please inquire with your bank about any fees your might incur. Also tell them you will be using your card in Europe. This is important because your cards may not work in Slovenia if you do not do this. But you can always call home on Skype and arrange if you do forget.

Phones:  If you arrange with your carrier you can use your phone from home. You can also buy a cell phone and minutes in Slovenia. But if you just want to call home, Skype or Viber are free and easy to use. All hotels have free wi-fi and also computers available for guests.

Taste of Slovenia group touring at the Coast

Taste of Slovenia group touring at the Coast

Clothing and Footwear . May and June are the best months in Slovenia. But it may be warm at the Coast or cool in the mountains. Best to bring a few sweaters, lined hoodie-windbreaker, and umbrella as well as summer wear.   Shorts are usually not worn by Slovenian women.   Dresses, skirts, slacks are all okay.  Some good sturdy and comfortable foot wear for hiking and walking, sports shoes- tennis shoes are a must for climbing up to castles, to the planina, mountain paths and to Stanjel. Sandals are okay for some occasions.  Your host will advise you what is needed for each day’s tour.

Medications :  Please bring enough of your prescription medications to last through the trip and copies of your prescriptions may come in handy.

Personal care items can be purchased everywhere easily in Slovenia.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING TRAVEL INSURANCE. Please make sure it covers you on a boat, in a bus, throughout your journey.  In the case of illness, there are fine physicians in Slovenia and a ultra modern tertiary health facility in Ljubljana



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