Highlights of Taste of Slovenia

“My Homeland, when God created thee, he blessed thee with both Hands and said, Merry People will live here.” — Ivan Cankar, Slovenian poet and writer

Among the many memorable experiences, sight, sounds, tastes and yes, smiles, on the TASTE OF SLOVENIA will be:

Ljubljana Castle -Symbol of the City

Ljubljana Castle -Symbol of the City

— A Welcome Reception and Dinner at the Gostilna na Gradu restaurant at the Ljubljana Castle.

–A visit and tour of the beautiful castle, Grad Sneznik and Mlakar Restaurant, featuring local specialties of the Notranjska Region.

Dr. Janez Bogataj

Dr. Janez Bogataj

–Guided tour and tasting in the Ljubljana Open Air  Farmer’s Market  with Dr. Janez Bogataj, professor of ethnology and expert in traditional foods of Slovenia. Includes fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish, cheese, meats, charcuterie, wood/field specialties and “mlekomat.”

– Slow Food  Lunch at “Gostilna pri Lozetu” at Dvorec Zemono with Slovenia’s most famous chef, Tomas Kavcic at Dvorec Zemono in the Vipava Valley.

Tomi Kavcic, Charlotte Tate & Sylvia Onusic at Zemono

Tomi Kavcic, Charlotte Tate & Sylvia Onusic at Zemono

Says author Alexander Lobrano, of Bon Appetite magazine:   Meals (there are) made with the best locally sourced ingredients available. It’s also, thanks to its setting, one of the most romantic restaurants in Europe. On my most recent summer visit, the sweet, worry-melting perfume of the flowering linden trees muddled me into spending the whole day eating and drinking with friends on the terrace of Dvorec Zemono, the magnificent 17th-century hunting lodge where the restaurant is located.

— a water tour of the  Fonda Sea Bass on the Piran Bay with  with innovator, Dr. Irena Fonda. After the tour, lunch will feature Fonda Sea Bass.

Dr. Irena Fonda

Dr. Irena Fonda

–A visit to the salt pans near the Piran Bay at Secovlje, still being worked and producing premium sea salt. After the the tour an opportunity to purchase sea salt and several products made with it, such as chocolate.

Plansar Herdsmen

Plansar Herdsmen

— A visit to the high mountain plateau of Velika Planina, with a cable car. Visit to the shepherd’s village, the opportunity to try the typical shepherd’s lunch. On the way to Velika Planina a tour through the beautiful Kamnik and Kamniska Bistrica.

Velika Planina Shepherd's Hut

Velika Planina Shepherd’s Hut

Many more highlights are in store. For more information click on the “itinerary” page.

3 Responses to Highlights of Taste of Slovenia

  1. Joanna says:

    I am so sorry to miss it this year, but if you plan another one or is you know of one for 2012 can you e-mail. My in-laws live just a few countrys over so we can make a family vaction out of it at the same time.

    Thank you,

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