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Ljubljana Celebrates 2000-year anniversary as Roman “Emona”

Ave Emona ! Guests on the Taste of Slovenia tour this May-June 2014 will be present for a once-in-a -lifetime event: a Celebration of Two Thousand Year of Emona- the Roman name for Ljubljana. The Romans considered the present Capitol … Continue reading

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Welcome, Vesna, Goddess of Spring

In Slovenian mythology, Vesna was  a goddess-like figure who represented Spring as well as joy and youth.  In her honor, the people sang songs and held various rituals.  Vesna is also celebrated in Serbian, Croatian, and Russian mythology.  The beautiful Vesna lived … Continue reading

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Šmartno in Goriška Brda – a lovely stop on the Taste of Slovenia tour

The Goriška Brda region of Slovenia is located in the Western part of  the country bordering on Italy. This area is called “Slovenian Tuscany” because of the many  grape terraces in the region. It is also famous for cherries which … Continue reading

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In the FoodSteps of Dr. Weston A. Price–Herders in the Lötschental Valley and on the Velika Planina in Slovenia

The first group that Dr. Weston A. Price studied when he set out to determine the connections between diet, dental caries and  health, was a group of Swiss living in the isolated Lötschental Valley where the diet was centered on … Continue reading

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Slovenia– “one of the most surprising and beautiful places on Earth” — Rough Guide for Slovenia 2014

Slovenia has been voted one of the must-see countries of 2014 by visitors to the “Rough Guides” website, one of the world’s top online r travel guides. Site visitors have been  impressed by Slovenia’s “wonderfully , diverse terrain” and landmarks.  The … Continue reading

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Taste of Slovenia 2014 tour announced, May 30- June 9, 2014

We are very proud to announce that our second annual premier culinary tour, Taste of Slovenia, will take place May 30 to June 9, 2014, showcasing the traditional and local cuisines of this small jewel of a country.  You may ask, … Continue reading

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American Culinary Fans Visit Slovenia to Taste the Local Food

The Farm-to Consumer Legal Defense Fund recently published the English version of an article written by Jernej Kosec, a Slovenian journalist, about the  Taste of Slovenia culinary tour.  For a taste of the article…. read on. . .  American Sylvia … Continue reading

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